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On the 6th December 2001 the Warner Vet opened its doors, with it’s primary mandate being the provision of high quality veterinary medical care. Our goal was simple, and this has not changed. The animals in our lives enrich and comfort us and provide emotional support.You and your pets are the reason we exist. We are a small family owned business and fiercely independent. Like you, we are locals and proud to call Moreton Bay our home.

The Warner Vet is a well equipped, modern veterinary hospital, with a purpose built fit-out. Our goal is to provide high quality veterinary medical care for your pets, and we are here to give you everything you need. Whether it is a torn nail, a broken leg, or a ruptured cruciate ligament; whether a dog, a cat or a pocket-pet; all need a little help from time to time. This is also the reason we open every day of the week, and stay open late at night.

  • Total pet wellness
    • A total approach to health and well-being, including diet, weight, exercise, surgery, medical and preventive care, and psychology are all important – just like humans!
  • Dog and cat vaccination
    • Your pet has access to “C5”, “F3” and “FIV” vaccinations.
    • C3 core vaccinations for dogs are administered to young puppies and protect against parvovirus, distemper and canine adenovirus (hepatitis)
    • C5 vaccines for dogs include: Parvovirus, Distemper, Canine Adenovirus (Hepatitis), and Canine Cough (Parainfluenza and Bordetella bronchiseptica)
    • F5 vaccinations for cats include: Calicivirus, Herpes virus, and Chlamydia (the main “Cat Flu” diseases), and FeLV (feline leukaemia virus) and FPL (feline panleukopaenia)
    • FIV is the vaccine for the feline insufficiency virus
  • Desexing (castration, spey, sterilisation)
    • Castration of male dogs can prevent a host of problems including but not limited to: benign prostatic enlargement which may lead to urinary problems in later life, roaming looking to intact females and territorial aggression in some cases.
    • We recommend that male and female dogs or cats which are not intended for breeding be desexed at the onset of sexual maturiy at 6 months of age.
    • Speying your female cat or dog prevents pyometron (a common infection of the uterus which can be life threatening). It also prevents unwanted pregnancies and male attention from other dogs.
  • Aged care and osteoarthritis care programs
    • Osteoarthritis is the most common disease of old age in dogs, cats and even in humans.
    • There is so much more we can do now with supplements and injections to slow the progression of arthritis
    • Your pet can access the latest pain relief medication as well, and it does not cross-react with the arthritis injections nor the joint supplements
    • Weight control and diet become even more important in older age – just ask us for help, or any information
    • The dental health of a senior pet is also more important
  • Dental care, scaling, cleaning and prophylaxis
    • Your pets have access to the latest dental ultrasonic scaling technology, digital dental radiography and prophylactic fluoride polishing
    • Dental disease can be investigated with dental x-rays to see if a tooth can be saved or if it should be removed
  • Heart worming
    • You can choose the yearly injection for dogs, or monthly chews or spot-on
    • Cats can have a monthly spot-on
  • Worming
    • Hookworm, Roundworm, Whipworm and Tapeworm are intestinal worms that cause a range of problems.
    • You have a wide choice of options and delivery methods, depending on how much, or how little, you dog or cat appreciates worming – pop in and we can explain all the options available.
  • Flea and tick control
    • The choice can be bewildering, but the huge pile of options means you can find the right fit for your pet
  • Surgery– including orthopaedics and cruciate repair (knee reconstruction surgery)
    • Our vet hospital performs a cruciate repair using the new MMP technique, utilising titanium implants, on average once to twice a month – this injury in humans in common in football players and in netballers
    • Breaks and fractures are also common, requiring pins or casts, and we repair these frequently
    • Last year, abdominal surgery to remove unusual objects from the stomach or intestines was performed on 8 occasions
    • Skin grafting is required less often in animals, compared to humans, but when they do need it there are more options available, from traditional skin grafts through to skin flaps and axial pattern flaps where a whole section of skin is moved to an adjacent location keeping only the blood supply
  • Medical consultations
    • Your pet has access to a combined 94 years of clinical experience.
    • You also have access to referral to Veterinary Specialists at QVS and BVSC nearby, and Specialist Centres on the Sunshine Coast and at Underwood on the southside
  • Diagnostic and pregnancy ultrasound
    • Did you ever want to check the cardiac contractility or ejection fraction of your pet’s heart? Of course you did…. Well now you can!
    • The latest in full colour Doppler ultrasound imaging is available for your pets to determine heart disease and vascular disease.
    • Is she pregnant? You can find out.
    • Are there stones in that little bladder? You can find that out too.
    • There is so much you can find out about with ultrasound – just ask us.
  • Full In-House blood laboratory – now FAST
    • Your pets have access to the very latest in blood diagnostics with a full in-house laboratory – and these are not human machines, these are specifically designed for animals, so results are accurate, fast and specific.
    • Kidneys, Thyroid, Blood Cell Counts, Liver…. can all be tested in minutes now.
    • Knowing immediately means treatment can be started earlier, improving treatment success rates and reducing risks from waiting for diagnosis.
    • Monitoring is also easier and faster – is it working? Does the treatment need to be stepped up? Or changed?
  • Veterinary and prescription canine and feline diet
    • You have access to the full range of veterinary prescription and specialty diets made by all the Prescription Diet companies in Australia.
    • The most commonly dispensed prescription diets are those for Lower Urinary Tract Disease
  • Clinic weight programs
    • If your furry family member is battling their bulge, our nurses can help set them on the right track, with a diet and monitoring program to check their weight improvements over time – just give us a call or pop in to discuss it.
  • Nail clipping
    • There are many animals that do not appreciate a manicure or pedicure. We can help.

After hours Emergencies:

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Pet ER North Lakes 33842222

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